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AAUK Residency

2023 Exhibition: Radiant Objects

This exhibition explores ‘radiant objects’ that are/ were part of the humdrum of daily life but that make visible the quiet spread of nuclear culture.

Radiant Objects: encounters in the nuclear age

Over the last 80 years the presence of ‘the nuclear’ has reshaped, and continues to reshape, the world around us, both physiologically and culturally. The impact of nuclear weapons and nuclear explosions has led to still-unfolding tragedies.

For many the promise of ‘clean’ nuclear energy has given rise to hope. But at the same time, ‘the nuclear’ proliferates imperceptibly, within our everyday lives: from radioactive office spaces to the branding of crisps; from CND protest signs to x-ray shoe-fittings.

We continue to try to visualise something that can’t be seen, often using science-fiction imagery to comprehend the vastness, depth and longevity of nuclear energy.

This exhibition took place as part of the Fringe Arts Bath festival at Newark Works in Bath in May - June 2023.

Exhibiting Artists:

Aimee Lax, Angenita Teekins, Bridget Kennedy, Daniel Beck, David Blandy, Gabriella Hirst and Warren Harper, Gair Dunlop, Hanae Utamura, Jennifer Rutherford, Jonathan Johnson, Kaori Homma,The Keeling Curve and Nastassja Simensky, Knut Olaf Sunde, Mary Kavanagh, Michael Sanders, Mirka Pflüger, Robin Tarbet, Stop Hinkley, Teresa Paiva, Veit Stratmann, Veronika Lukasova.