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AAUK Residency

AAUK Virtual Residency Award recipient Launching their Exhibition Online

AAUK Virtual Residency Award recipients are now carrying out their online residency

AAUK Virtual Residency Mentoring Scheme 2021

AAUK 2021年度 バーチャルレジデンシー・メントーリング

AAUKVirtual Residency will launch Online Exhibition by Award Recipients


In the midst of Lockdown when international travel has become difficult, AAUK has Launched different means to support artists who are engaged in the socio-political issues to encourage and nurture next generation of artists.

We have selected four artists and over the course of 4 months we have engaged with them through online residency programme which included one to one Mentoring sessions with each specialist professional mentors, group seminar, discussion and presentation sessions.  And the culminate effect of their effort and development will be Launched online.

The Launch Event : 12th February 7:30pm ( Japan Time ) 10:30 ( UK time)

Access detail will be given via Eventbrite Please register and join us!

Link is


厳しい選抜基準を越えて選ばれたアーチストたちが、AAUK 2021年度のバーチャルレジデンシーに参加。英語でのデイスカッション、プレゼンテーション、そして一対一の英国側の専門家によるメントーリング指導を経て、最終結果発表としてのオンライン展覧会・イベントを行います。


Takuya Watanabe/ Mio Ebisu/Akari Fujise/ Rika Nakashima


Participants Profiles


Takuya Watanabe

1990 Born in Tokyo, Japan. Lives in Tokyo, Japan.  M.F.A. Inter Media Art, Tokyo University ofArts, Tokyo, Japan 2014 B.F.A. Department of Ceramic Works, Tama ArtUniversity, Tokyo. Solo Exhibitions 2020 “Standing on the Shoulders of Neighbors” HITACHI CIVIC CENTER, Ibaraki 2015 “To Think: Once it’s Made (by)” Tokyo Wonder Site,Tokyo 2014 “Early Morning Musings” Komagome SOKO, Tokyo 2017 “Wild: Untamed Mind” 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo 2017“Tokyo Wonder Wall 2014” Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo 2014 “INTRODUCTIONEXHIBITION” Tokyo University of Arts, Tokyo 2014, Tokyo Artist-in-Residence 2020WIELS Residency Programme, Brussels, Belgium /funded by Tokyo Arts and Space(Being postponed) 2019 ARCUS Project 2019 IBARAKI Artist-in-Residence Program,Ibaraki, Japan /funded Award, etc. 2016 Awards include the Art Award Tokyo MarunouchiJudge’s Prize (Marunouchi Building Marucube, Tokyo) 2014 Tokyo Wonder Wall 2014 selected (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

While 2020 Covid Crisis hindered his physical movements and activities abroad, Watanabe’s multi-disciplinary practices is developing new direction informed byhis experience of isolation under the Covid Crisis. Through reflective process andresearch Watanabe contemplates on the marginal spaces, isolation, boundariesbetween private and public space, between human and natural environment.

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Mio Ebisu

1987 Tokyo 2018- Live in London 2012 Musashino Arts University, BA,Tokyo 2019 University of the Arts London, Wimbledon College of Arts, MAPainting, London. Selected Solo Exhibitions 2020 'Word fo a day'at Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo 2018 'The moss of the rock' at Bambinart Gallery,Tokyo 2017 'Absurd daily life between June 17th and February' at BambinartGallery, Tokyo, Japan Selected Group Exhibitions 2020 'Deep autumn; How does myneighbour live; I wonder?' at SET Project Space Lewisham London 2020'..and Female.' Online Exhibition curated by Khaoula B. Karaweigh 2019 'Squeezed! ' at Nunnery Gallery, London 2019 '3331 Arts Fair' at Arts Chiyoda3331, Tokyo, Japan 2017 'What we can do in the desert if ourpassword is weak and we are stuck offline' at Everybody Needs Art, Budapest,Hungary 2017 , Life is hard…Let’s go shopping.” Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2013 'Why not live for art?' atOpera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2012 'Little little arts club';presented by Yoshimoto Nara at Towada Art Centre, Aomori, JapanInterdisciplinary Collaboration 2021 'David Birchall's Walking & Talking'Main visual image. 2021 Otto Willberg's project 'Barbaric Mystical Bored' Ascroll painting animation about an imaginary journey of Herbal Remedies in medieval time viewof the parallel worlds. 2017 'Share the acts of bathing' Japan tour UK-JPartists/musicians collaboration Hokkaido, Tokyo, Beppu, Kyoto, Nagoya funded byArtist International Development Fund 2017 'Living room' at Liebig 12, Berlin, Germany 2017 ' Verantwortung', Berlin,Germany

Mio is interested in traditional craftsand folk arts and the relationship between nature and humans as well as how it formedthe landscape and culture.

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Akari Fujise

After gaining BA Arts in Environment and Information Studies (Cognitive Science) Keio University, 2015 Fujise has relocated to London andstudied, Drawing and Conceptual Practice, at CCW Foundation Diploma, atUniversity of the Arts London 2020, though she had a planed to undertake MAcourse Fujise has return to Japan in the midst of initialchaos of Covid Crisis in early 2020. She has been continuing her practice underthe lockdown situation. She has had a Solo Exhibition “I heard the quiet dismantling sound“ 2021, Gallery33, Tokyo,  Groupshow, “Luner New Year 2020”  Camberwell Collage of Arts,while setting up an informal group of researchers, artists to develop discoursebetween art and cognitive science, and forging the link between Cognitivescience and her interests in phenomenology and contemporarydrawing practices.

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Rika Nakashima

Artist. Studying Fine Arts, graduated from the Chelsea College of Artsin London, attended the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2019. Through hersite-specific installations, performances, and photographic/video works she explores signs and symbols in public space thatallows to recognize the coexistence/boundaries between personal issues andpublic matters. Major recent practices: a guerrilla performance event PrivateProperty No Rights of Way, London (2017), a publicbanner project ALL TOO HUMAN CAPITAL, Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, London(2018), A City Dreaming, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo (2020), A WAITINGROOM, Goethe Institut Tokyo, Tokyo (2020), s.s.s.s., roji-to-hito, Tokyo(2021-2022), Bodies On The Matter, Tomotoshi Art Museum, Tokyo etc.

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