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Art Action UK
March 4, 2020

Yoshio Shirakawa – AAUK 2020 Residency Award Winner

Art Action UK is pleased to announce the 2020 AAUK residency award winner: Yoshio Shirakawa

This year we have received our largest number of proposals and they have been of a very high standard. From this group we are delighted to announce that we have selected the artist Yoshio Shirakawa.
Shirakawa has been based in Gunma, a regional city north of Tokyo, after returning from his study in art and philosophy in France and Germany in 1970’s. His practice has been  focused around marginalised communities, and his activities are regarded as a precursor to today’s multiculturalist and participatory practices in Japan. Shirakawa has conducted research and authored numerous texts on contemporary art history, constantly developing criticism and revaluation of the dominant historical views and discourses, while engaged in his sculptural practice.
In 2019, Shirakawa found himself at the epicentre of Aichi-Triennale Censorship controversy. During his residency in the UK, Shirakawa will be sharing his first hand experience of the current socio-political climate of Japan, asking how the potent conjuncture of the Post Fukushima and Pre- Olympic context is impacting arts and culture.
Please watch this space for the events taking place in April 2020!