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Art Action UK
November 19, 2017

2018 Residency Programme with Yumi Song

We are delighted that 2018 AAUK residency project was delivered successfully in London.

We are delighted that 2018 AAUK residency project was delivered successfuly in London.
Art Action UK's 2017 Residency Award winner Yumi Song, was selected out of a very strong contestants.
Yumi Song ( Artist/ Curator) has worked in North East of Japan within Fukushima and with her deep understanding of the current situation, she has managed to bring forward a new perspective on the on going issue since 2011 Triple Disaster struck north East Japan. She has highlighted the proximity of disaster here in UK through her exhibition of info-graphic installations, film screening, discussion events, and also discussed about the worring trend of nationalism and xenophobic tendencies.
Jessica Holtaway has written about the Events.

Events were hosted by Deptford X Deptford X Event space
We are also happy to that good link with Art Catalyst has been forged through this year's activities.

We are also proud that Yoi Kawakubo and Natsumi Seo, AAUK's past residency award winners are included in Yokohama Triennale,
Also Kyun Chome is selected for Re-Born Art Festival

Art Action UK will continue to develop these vital discourses with artists, curators and audeinces through out 2017-18. If you would like to receive regular updates, please contact us.